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Had a dream last night that Bioware had announced a Caribbean-themed RPG. Was rather disappointed when I woke up – I mean, how cool would a steam-punk fantasy Caribbean/Meso-American setting be? Pirates! Voodoo! Lost cities! Crumbling empires, both native and foreign! Throw in a United States analogue as the vast and decadent slaver empire to serve as the big bad, and the story practically writes itself!

Meanwhile, in gaming news that’s actually happening outside of my subconscious mind, EA games has announced The Old Republic will be going free-to-play soon. That was… quicker than I expected. Granted, I’ve felt for a while the age of subscription-only MMOs has come to an end, but there’s still a perception that switching to free to play models is somehow a failure – I wasn’t expecting EA or BioWare to concede that Old Republic subscriptions had faded so quickly less than a year after launch… I suspect BioWare is now desperatly wishing they hadn't had the whole Mass Effect 3 fiasco tarnishing their name. They've now got three franchises that are seen as struggling to survive...
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I had a dream where I was playtesting a fantasy RPG where you play a Cyclops. The game developer kept trying to convince me that the game featured 'realistic lack of depth perception', and that's why my character kept tripping over things. He was really upset when I told him I didn't like the game.

And now I've woken up, I'm also kinda annoyed that dream-me didn't like such a brilliant idea. A cyclops RPG would rule! You'd start off a humble Cyclops farmer, doing tutorial sheep-herding missions for Polyphemus, before you're forced to leave the Cyclops island to get vengance against the humans who blinded your mentor and slaughtered his sheep! You'd travel to the great cities built by the ancient Cyclops lords, now overun by the dimunitive but deadly humans, as you seek out the legendary weapons and armours of the gods, forged by the first Cyclops in the Titanomachy!

Why hasn't anyone made this? It'd be awesome!
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So I’ve got an Ancient Greek exam coming up this week, and I’m spending a fair amount of my time before I go to bed revising for it. It’s therefore not surprising that the exam’s started to infiltrate my dreams…

In my dream, I came up with a foolproof method to pass the exam – travel to an alternate reality where everyone speaks Ancient Greek as a first language, and get my alternate counterpart to sit the exam in my place! Brilliant!

So I travel to the alternate universe, which for some reason is located in my garage, grab the alternate Greek-speaking me, take him to the lecture hall, and get off campus before anyone notices there’s two of me around…

And then I woke up, and suddenly realised the possibly fatal flaw in my brilliant scheme:

Does my Greek-fluent alternate counterpart understand English?


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