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Explain to me why the audience was allowed to bring glasses of champagne into the auditorium during the performance for the Beach Boys concert last week, but at the Mozart performance tonight at the same location, everyone had to gulp them down in the foyer during intermission?
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Went to see the Beach Boys last night. Someone explain to me why concerts only seem to put up posters just before the event, when the tickets have generally sold out months before?

Some... curious choices of songs. They did all the stuff you expect - California Girls, Good Vibrations, Wouldn't It Be Nice, Fun Fun Fun - but also a buch of pretty obscure stuff, including Be True to Your School - which was actually kind of funny, since that song's been something of a private joke for me and my friends, mainly because it's so not very good...

The weird thing is just how much they sound like themselves. I mean, sure, who else would they sound like - but they sound *exactly* like themselves from forty, fifty years ago. It's incredible.
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I went out last night with my friends to the symphony for their ‘space classics’ night – it was pretty good. Few annoyances – the conductor felt the need to offer cheesy commentary in between each piece, which got increasingly embarrassing to listen to.

Still, the music was very good, though there were some questionable choices of music – the Thunderbirds theme? Personally, I don’t see why they didn’t just make it a John Williams night – half the music they played was from Star Wars, plus they did ET, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and the Superman theme – they could easily have dropped the token Star Trek theme and Thus Spoke Zarathustra, and replaced them with, say, Jaws or the Indiana Jones theme…

I also think it was rather a mistake to include a performance of Duel of the Fates – I mean, it was very good, but it is missing something without the choir… And some of the other Star Wars choices were odd – Jabba the Hutt’s theme? Still, they did the opening and closing credits, Vader’s theme, and Yoda’s theme, as well as a few pieces from Attack of the Clones which I didn’t recognise, but which sounded good…

So, all in all, a pretty satisfying evening.


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