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A progressive group called on Republican National Committee leader Pat Rogers to step down on Friday after emails showed him telling New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez’s staff that meeting with a group of American Indians “dishonored” Gen. George Armstrong Custer
- RNC Official: N.M. Governor ‘Dishonored’ Gen. Custer By Meeting With American Indians

Between this and Mitt Romney's comments about 'Anglo-Saxon heritage', did we wander back into the nineteenth century or something? Serioulsy, who still sees Custer as anything but, at best, a warmongering idiot?

And did Custer ever go anywhere near to New Mexico in the first place? My American geography isn't great, but I'm pretty sure Little Bighorn is a fair bit north of NM...

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"...the state of Texas... says a union granted in a state where same-sex marriage is legal can't be dissolved with a divorce in a state where it's not... Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott... is appealing a divorce granted to a gay couple in Dallas, saying protecting the "traditional definition of marriage" means doing the same for divorce."
  - Associated Press

I think I overuse the phrase "reduced to a parody of itself', but I think it's warranted in this case. At the point that you're forcing a same-sex couple to remain married as part of your opposition to marriage equality... yeah, I'm going to say you've lost track of your ideology...

In other news, the KKK is distancing itself from Fred "God Hates Fags" Phelps, and announced they have no opposition to civil unions.
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Saw something utterly baffling in a bookstore today - a brand-new Doom 3 licenced novel.

The hell? The original Doom novelizations were inexplicable on their own, but at least came out at the same time as the game - and Doom I and II were the biggest games around for a while. Doom 3 was decent enough, but never had the same impact - and that was six years ago. As intriguing as its premise was ("You're a bald space marine shooting monsters!"), I'm not convinced there's a market for novels set there...
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There has been fiery debate in (West Australian) State Parliament over the government's legislation proposing greater stop and search powers for police, with comparisons made to Nazi Germany.
- 'Hitler cited over stop and search laws', ABC News

Well, I guess the debate must have gotten pretty heated for someone opposed to the laws to bring up Hitler-

Last night Liberal backbencher Peter Abetz spoke in support of the legislation and used the example of Hitler... He said the dictator gained support because he provided people security in a time of anarchy.

Huh. Did he... Was he... Wait, what? He's arguing in favor of the laws by saying that passing them will make the WA Liberals like Hitler? That's a... creative choice of examples.
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So, has everyone heard about this shitstorm-in-the-making? Basically, EA games have come up with the perfect way to promote their new Dante’s Inferno game at ComiCon: Run a competition centred on the theme of Sexual Harassment Lust!

It’s simple – simply take a photo with one of their booth babes, submit it, and you could win a copy of the game and dinner with the babes! And by ‘one of their booth babes’ I mean ‘any booth babe.’ And by ‘booth babe’… well, if they’re not limiting it to their own employees, presumably any woman at the convention is potentially fair game. And by ‘take a photo’… well, their phrasing was ‘commit an act of lust’.

So, hey, how could that possibly go horribly horribly wrong?!

Seriously, forget the fact that someone decided good publicity for a game was to run a variant of the Open Source Boobs idea, how the hell did this even get past EA’s own legal department? Surely someone should have noticed that the phrasing (‘commit an act of lust’ seems to imply far more than just ‘take a photo next to the woman’) and the fact that they’re encouraging harassing women outside their own stall is just asking for trouble.

Alright, say EA games do actually have some sort of clue as to what they’re doing, and are deliberately courting controversy with no intention of actually holding the competition. Two problems: one, a controversial game tends to promote itself through in game content. Grand Theft Auto gets publicity through violent gameplay, not because Rockstar employees run people over in real life. Two – Dante’s Inferno doesn’t actually look like a very good game; it's not a major release, it's a cheap attempt to cash in on God of War. It’s counterproductive to try and get a small boost in publicity for such a minor game if it involves a promotional campaign so repulsive as to permanently turn off a large number of people from your company.

Well, hey, the people turned off by this sort of crap aren’t the sort of people likely to buy video games anyway, right? I mean, everyone knows girls don’t play computer games! Right?

EA Games’ biggest money-maker is The Sims series.

It’s like a fractal of stupidity.
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Found on Youtube, felt this needed to be shared.

You're listening to Baby Laugh a Lot!

Warning: Containes the most horrifiying 'laughter' I've ever heard...
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Waiting for the train, an old man comes up to me.

Old Man: Excuse me, do you know when the next train is coming?
Me: About five minutes.
Old Man: Thank you. It will probably be later though. Trains are never on time these days.
Me: Yeah, I know what you mean.
Old Man: The government should do something about it!
Me: (Nods, makes some innocuous comment about the crappy private company that runs the trains now.)
Old Man: I should have joined Hitler’s army! This wouldn’t be happening if he’d won!


Me: Oh, hey, is that the train? Looks like it’s early. I’d better go… over there… to get on board it…
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Friend: You know, when you said that there was meant to be a lot of Wookiees in this, I wasn’t expecting, you know, this much Wookiee material.
Me: Neither was I… neither was I.

F: Why is there a holographic gymnastics sequence?
M: Huh. I’m kind of surprised at how quickly this went off the rails – especially since I thought having the first ten minutes be entirely in untranslated Wookiee was going off the rails.
F: We’re not even watching the gymnasts – we’re watching the creepy Wookiee kid watching the gymnasts.

M: This Imperial officer seems to be acting far too sinister for someone just buying a razor.
F: Imagine how sinister he is when he’s on duty!

M: I’m not sure why Luke thinks “You know them, anything could have happened!” is reassuring.

F: This is porn, right? There’s no other possible interpretation except that this is meant to be VR porn.
M: Who did the writers think was the intended audience of this thing? That’s not rhetorical, I cannot understand what they could be thinking.

F: Leia still hasn’t learned Wookiee? How long has she known Chewbacca by now?
M: Leia’s pretty racist when you get down to it. Right now, she’s presumably somewhere between calling them ‘big walking carpets’ and using ‘I’d just as soon kiss a Wookiee’ as a put down.
F: Point.

F: Huh – the Imperial guy’s actually getting into this song.
M: Nah, it’s audience participation. He’s enjoying the suffering of *us*, forced to listen to the song!
F: Wow – that’s pretty evil.

F: Did the quality of this tape just drop even further, or is this a cartoon?
M: It’s a cartoon… why is R2 made of jelly?

M: Boba Fett should always ride a Plesiosaur. Tell me that wouldn’t have improved the Empire Strikes Back.

M: I guess… um… maybe they somehow didn’t have the rights to Harrison Ford’s image for the cartoon? Or any other human’s image either?

F: It’s such a shame to see great actors like the slug-headed guy wasted on material like this.
M: I like that they came up with this whole musical sequence in the Mos Eisley Cantina, couldn’t work it into the Wookiee plot, so they came up with the logical justification that it’s some sort of Imperial propaganda video.
F: Maybe it’s the Imperial version of the Two Minutes Hate.
M: I do feel like taking out my aggression on someone after watching this.

F: Why do they say “May the Force be with you?”. They’re not Jedi.
M: It’s a generic good wishes phrase.
F: But nobody knows about the Force in this era – it’s been suppressed by the Empire.
M: Maybe Chewie’s secretly a Jedi. He doesn’t flaunt it like Obi-Wan, but he can still use the Force and knows about it.
F: Why’s Han all sceptical about the Jedi in A New Hope, then?
M: Private joke between him and Chewie.
F: Makes sense – explains why the Millennium Falcon’s got a lightsaber training remote on board. And why Obi-Wan was so sure they needed to hire Chewie’s ship!
M: Luke probably never learned how to make a new lightsaber – he just borrowed one off Chewie in RotJ!

F: Wookiees should not wear robes.
M: Is that… is she singing to the Star Wars theme?
F: Man, it’s a shame they couldn’t get James Earl Jones in to sing along to Vader’s theme.

F: I’m surprised this thing has closing credits. I imagined everyone involved would want their name taken off this.
M: Written, directed and produced by Alan Smithee?
F: Staring Alan Smithee as Luke, Han, Leia, Chewie, C-3PO and R2-D2.
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I always thought it was kind of odd that the US navy commissioned a ship the USS Winston Churchill - It seems to me there's more than enough famous Americans that their navy should not be using the names of foreign leaders.

Still, Churchill's a pretty famous individual, and Americans seem to have an odd attachment to him, so it's not entirely unexpected that they'd name a ship after him. Less understandable is why the Americans would name a warship after Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt...

Let me give a little background for the non-Australians in the audience. Harold Holt was Prime Minister in the late 60s, and was a strong supporter of the US-Australian Alliance, committing thousands of Australian troops to the war in Vietnam.

This is not what he is famous for.

In Australia, he is remembered most for his... disappearance. In December, 1967, he went for a swim in Port Phillip Bay. He was never seen again. After two days of searches, he was declared 'presumed dead'. In one of the less tasteful memorials in history, a swimming pool complex in Glen Iris was later named in his honour.

Basically, if you say "Harold Holt" to any Australian, they will think "That Prime Minister who vanished while swimming". To find out that another country thought him important enough to name a warship in his honour... well, it makes me wonder why the US Navy managed to avoid commissioning a USS William Harrison or a USS James Garfield. I mean, if you're going to name ships after people famous only because they died in office, you should at least stick to people from your own country...
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"Stave off plunderers with a charming threat wearing this Disney Couture necklace! Booty hunters beware!

From the Pirates of the Caribbean "Dead Man's Chest" collection - 14K gold plated 20" Noose Necklace."

Ah yes, because when I think of Pirates of the Caribbean, the first thing that springs to mind is the nooses. You remember all the nooses in PotC, don't you? Why, they were so prevalent, that if I saw someone wearing a noose necklace, my first thought would certainly be "Boy, I bet that person's a big fan of Pirates of the Caribbean", and not "Boy, I bet that person's really into lynchings", or "Boy, I bet I've fallen into a parallel universe which differs from my own in that Jesus was hanged, not crucified, because there's no other reasonable explanation for why someone would a, design, b, sell, c, purchase, or d, publicly wear a little gold noose around their neck".

Seriously, what the hell?



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