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I find it profoundly irritating that it seems everyone on earth has suddenly become obsessed with A Game of Thrones at just the point where I've realised I no longer have any real interest in the series whatsoever...
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Observation: After reading a large number of articles, reviews and comments on the Game of Thrones TV series, I've finally realised the Mongol-stand in culture in the books is called Dothraki.

Every time I read the books, I was mentally rearanging it, and believed they were called 'Drothkari'.

Not as bad as the time I managed to get almost five books into the X-Wing series before I realised Nawara Ven was male, but still, I am a little concerned about how little attention I apparently pay to the books I read...
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So, George Martin’s had a bunch of posts up regarding people complaining about how long it’s taking for A Dance with Dragons to come out.

So, on the one hand, I sympathise if he’s being bombarded with nasty messages and demands he get on with it, and I do feel a little bad about my comment on the series in the book list meme being simply ‘FINISH THE SERIES ALREADY’.

On the other hand – well, the post-script to Feast for Crows seemed to imply the next book was near finished, and the main reason for splitting them up was just to reduce the physical size of each volume. That was three and a half years ago. So either he was lying then about having totally already written a ton of stuff about Tyrion and Daenerys and Jon, or he actually had written all that stuff and now he’s just rewriting it over and over again. In which case, there comes a point where you need to be told “Dude, get it in a publishable state and then stop fiddling with it!” There’s a point where revisions don’t improve a work any more, they just delay it.

And I’ve been a little concerned right from the start about how - and if - all the disparate storylines are going to tie together. It seems to me there’s three main stories; the Others in the north, Daenerys’ growing army in the south, and the squabbling noble families of Westeros. Now, for the most part, the series has focused on the Westeros storylines – which is why I’m concerned, since once either Daenerys’ army finally reaches Westeros, or the Others break through the Wall… well, who’s ended up ruling King’s Landing becomes a little irrelevant, doesn’t it?

A Feast for Crows didn’t do much to allay my concerns, since it completely fails to advance any of the existing storylines, instead opting to introduce a bunch of unrelated plots. The delays in the volume that’s supposed to focus on the movers and shakers of each storyline makes me even more concerned that Martin doesn’t actually have a plan for where the storyline is going. Maybe there’s some fannish entitlement in demanding he get on with it, but I don’t think it’s that arrogant to ask that a storyteller not be stringing everyone along with a shaggy-dog story…
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I've lent my copies of the A Song of Ice and Fire books to my friend, who's reading them for the first time. So far, she' s just finished A Game of Thrones.

It is... difficult to avoid letting spoilers slip when she's talking about them. Just making sure I don't refer to key characters in the past tense is a bit of a challenge - I think I'm going to have to avoid seeing her at least until she gets up to the... wedding... *grin*.
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I saw a small child up the street today wearing a T-shirt with a cartoon lion on it, and in large cheerful letters underneath it the caption "Grrr! Hear me roar!"

I'm going to assume the shirt isn't actually part of a range of Song of Ice and Fire heraldic children's clothes... but wouldn't it be awesome if it was? Children wearing shirts with friendly squid and "We do not sow!", smiling wolves with "Winter is coming!" underneath...


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