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Watching Boston Legal last night - I'm not sure if it's a good idea or a bad idea for a law firm to be advertising themselves during the show. Sure, it's a popular show about a law firm, so there's some synergy there - but do you really want your law firm associated with Crane, Poole & Schmidt?

I suppose having people associate your lawyers with Denny Crane isn't that bad, once you've already taken the reputation damaging step of being a law firm that advertises late at night on TV...

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Watching the season 10 opener for SVU - Is it just me, or is the show increasingly reliant on overly convoluted plots? It's like they've got two or three decent ideas, can't work out how to stretch any of them out for more than twenty minutes, so tie them together in an unlikely fashion. Rather than actually investigating the crime, the show seems to be more about trying to work out just what the hell the crime is. The Simpsons does the same thing, but there it's meant to be absurd that the starting storyline leads to a completely unrelated one... Here, it just makes things difficult to follow.

I do like that the show is recognising that Stabler's a horrible person who nobody wants anything to do with... Still, I am increasingly wondering why I keep watching.
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My god, SVU is terrible this season. Last night's episode seemed like a real improvement over the last few - until the last act, when we get the sudden revelation that the real killer wasn't either of the suspects the episode had just spent forty minutes implicating. No, it turns out it was the defense attorney all along! The hell? And how did the detectives work this out? Well, they noticed the victim had filmed a commercial in her apartment. Therefore, she must have a video camera, therefore it must be hidden in the burnt-out ruins of her apartment and must contain footage of her murder! Of course!

And what is the point of the new detective, Lake? Ignoring the fact that the actor is utterly wooden, what exactly is he bringing to the show? I get the impression even the writers aren't sure what to do with him - he's lucky to get more than a single line of dialogue in an episode. On the plus side, at least Munch is getting a decent scene or two each episode again...

At this rate, SVU's starting to rank below CSI: Miami as far as entertainment goes - at least Miami is ludicrously over-the-top ridiculous, rather than just mundanely stupid...


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